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This slave was hungry. And unlike other mistresses, this mistress cooks in her house and so she cooks for her slave as well. But today she did not feel like cooking because she had eaten a very good and expensive meal. So instead of cooking, she decided to shit on her slave and make him eat the remains of her expensive meal. And she forced him to swallow the shit.

It had been long since lady Milena had used her shit fetish weapon on her slave. So she planned to use it when her slave messed. When he did, she used it to make him regret what he had done and vow not to repeat it. He was a new slave so he did not know she could go to that extent. She humiliated him more than she had any other slave and it felt great.

Domina Victoria loves to experiment. She loves to have all kinds of fun and today she wanted to try shit fetish. So she made her boyfriend try it with her. She is a crazy girl and wild in bed and he loves it. He did not like the idea of a shit fetish but he knew there would be something crazy at the end of it. So he agreed to lick her asshole and eat her shit.

Mistress Raw had lent this guy money and she wanted it back. But the guy kept taking her round in circles and she was tired of it. She pretended to have let it go and invited him to her house. He went and when he got inside, she turned on him and humiliated him. She made him eat her shit and promised to do worse if he did not give her the money in a weeks time.

Mistress Michelle has an ass to die for. And she knows it. When she realized that many guys are interested in it and want to tap it, she decided to take advantage of it and have fun at their expense. So she uses her ass to trick guys into accepting to be her slave and to have her shit on them in the hope that they will get a piece of it.