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Mistress Dee was mad at what had happened in her house. She could not stand it and wanted to make sure it never happened again. She had always wanted to punish her slave by using him as her human toilet, and this was the perfect opportunity to do it. So she sat on her improvised toilet seat and shit into his mouth and forced him to eat the shit and lick her asshole clean.

Lady Celine and mistress Michelle were on a mission. They wanted to teach this guy a lesson. He likes living off other people when he is perfectly capable of doing things himself. So the mistresses took him to their place and humiliated him there to make sure he grew up and stopped the nonsense he was doing. They turned him into a human toilet and shit into his mouth and forced him to eat the shit.

This mistress wanted to show her slave that she does not like what he did. She was tired and did not feel like talking. So she decided to instead use actions and not words. She had him lie down and she tied his cock and balls with a string which she pulled to make him scream out in pain. Then she used her high heels to trample his face and crush it.

Mistress Gaia wanted to show this good for nothing slave what she thought of her. She made her lie down naked and shit into her mouth. She made sure that the slave ate all the shit that landed in his mouth. The poor slave was too shocked and afraid to do anything. She had to obey in order to avoid getting a worse punishment from her cruel and sadistic mistress.